• Apple Red Printed With Logo
  • Apple Red Braeburn With Logo
  • Apple Green Granny Smith With Logo
  • Logo Apple With Logo Fruit
  • Oranges Walnuts Fruits With Logo
  • Christmas Bag With Nuts Engraved Logo

Laser Fruits - Apples with Logo.

The skin of the apples will not be damaged - the durability is guaranteed 100%.

The fruits with logo will be delivered in short time, fresh & cooled - packed in trays.

How does it work?

The special feature of our laser engraving procedure enables us that the logo fruits keep fresh and food-safe.

Quantities and prices on REQUEST.

Laser Edible Nuts

Laser Walnuts

Walnuts engraved with your logos, motifs or individual texts.

Laser Hazelnuts

Hazelnut with engraving of your logo or advertising message.

Laser Peanuts

Peanuts with logo for your Christmas events.

Laser Hokkaido pumpkin

Durable laser engraving on pumpkins with your logo especially for Halloween.

Quantities and prices on REQUEST.


Legal notice.

Grüner Laser Products
GmbH & Co. KG

Management: Anton Grüner

Westendstrasse 123 / F2
D-80339 Munich

E-Mail: info@laser-gruener.de

Web: www.laser-gruener.de

Fon: +49 (0)89 550 619 0
Fax: +49 (0)89 550 619 29

VAT-No.: DE 257 777 768

Laser Citrus Fruits

Laser Oranges

We engrave your oranges with logo from 100 pieces up.

Laser Limes

Personalize your limes with your company logo.

Laser Lemons

Lemons including laser engraved logos as business gift.

Be individual - be healthy. Your way to present your company with personalized fruits with a logo.

Quantities and prices on REQUEST.